Friday, December 10, 2010

In Flux...

If you loved my old blog, Jess Moves to Canada, here is its new incarnation, devoid of the anthropological spin. Since my time in Canada is now limited by the sudden arrival of my lovely daughter, a blog called "Jess Moves to Canada" seemed inappropriate, but I did miss an outlet for my own brand of self-indulgent twaddle on the interwebs.

What you can expect from "Jess in Flux":
  1. A chronicle of the insanity that is my life. I am perpetually in flux. I get accustomed to one thing and things change. I perpetually struggle with change, so this is complicated. The good news is that you, fair reader, will probably find this amusing. Unlike my husband who is usually at the receiving end of the meltdown that change causes in my life.
  2. The random thoughts that float through my head that need a destination. Also known as "self-indulgent twaddle."
  3. Tips and ideas for the best ways of doing things (occasionally) or the way to accomplish them with extra steps and self-doubt.
  4. Plenty of Funny (I hope). Commentary on culture is what I do. Just because it is a culture I am more familiar with than that of Southwestern Ontario doesn't mean I don't find it odd as fish and have a need to say something about it.
  5. Food. I love cooking.I love eating. I am reasonably good at both. Therefore, I will blog about it.
  6. Knitting. I love it. It is pretty. I'll never be the Yarn Harlot, but I make pretty things that are also useful. 
Good luck, fair reader. If  you can draw order out of it, let me know. I need some direction.

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